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Assault: Family Violence – Dallas (2021)

Dismissed on the day of trial. Client was charged after his girlfriend’s sister called the police. The pandemic held up the case but a speedy trial was filed, pre-trial motions were filed and we set it for a Trial By Jury. On the day of his trial, the case was dismissed.


Possession of Marijuana – Rockwall (2021)

Dismissed after some persuasion of the State. Client was charged with a Possession of Marijuana. She was not stopped for a good reason by the officer. Unfortunately she had pending warrants, and picked up a DWI case while the case was pending. The State of Texas did not want to dismiss the case because of the new case but after relentless negotiation the case was Dismissed.


Unlawful Carrying of A Weapon (2020)

Dismissed after aggressive negotiation. Client was arrested behind his own house. He was profiled by police after a neighbor called police about a burglary. He was illegally detained in the alleyway of his own home and searched. Officers found a gun and arrested him. After relentless negotiation the case was Dismissed.


Terroristic Threat (2020)

Dismissed after client was accused of threatening a stranger without any evidence. He called police after he was threatened with a weapon and despite this, he was arrested. After strong advocacy, the State Dismissed the case.


Possession of A Controlled Substance: MethAmphetemines (2020)

Dismissed after aggressive negotiation with the State, advocating with the use of speedy trial hearings. Client was able to maintain their job and apply for a promotion.

Not Guilty

DWI 2nd (2016)

Jury found client Not Guilty after deliberation. Client made a wrong turn in a state of distress on his way to visit his mother in the hospital. Client admitted to consuming two glasses of wine and was arrested for his second DWI.

Not Guilty

Terroristic Threat: Public Servant (2018)

Jury found 17 year old client Not Guilty after deliberation. He was accused of threatening a public servant at his high school. During cross examination, we were able to show that he was a good kid who often made inappropriate jokes at school. A jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.


Terroristic Threat: Family Violence (2019)

Dismissed on the day of trial. Client was a 17 year old boy who was charged with threatening his brother after a heated confrontation.

Not Guilty

DWI .13 (2017)

Jury found our client Not Guilty after the Blood evidence was not allowed to be admitted into the trial. Client was driving back home around midnight, and was stopped by Texas Highway Patrol. After deliberation, a jury of his peers found our client Not Guilty


DWI 2nd (2018)

Dismissed on the day of trial after preparing thoroughly to aggressively represent our Client. Client got his first DWI over 5 years ago. He was coming home from a night out and was stopped for speeding. He was arrested and charged with DWI 2nd, and the case was Dismissed on the day of trial.


Assault (2019)

Client was accused of hitting her ex-husband’s new lover after the new lover attempted to grab her child. After much negotiation, the State agreed to Dismiss the case.


Animal Cruelty (2019)

Dismissed after a Judge granted a motion to suppress based on the officer illegally searching our client’s home. The animal officer stood on our client’s wall and videotaped his property without consent or a warrant.


DWI Score .11 (2020)

Dismissed after the court granted a motion that the State violated the client’s right to a speedy trial. Adwoa Asante filed a speedy trial motion and argued convincingly for the Judge to grant a motion to dismiss the case.


Assault: Family Violence (2020)

Client was charged with assaulting her daughter. After aggressive negotiation with prosecutors, the case was Dismissed.



Manufacture/ Delivery- Intent to Deliver (2020)

Client was charged with a First Degree Drug Case and was facing up to 99 years in prison. He was also charged with a State Jail Felony Drug Case and was facing an additional 2 years in prison. Through rigorous negotiation, we were able to get him 2 years probation after his case was reduced to the lowest felony and his other drug case was Dismissed


Unlawful Carrying of A Weapon/Resisting Arrest (2020)

After filing a motion to suppress based on police use of Force and an Illegal Search, the State agreed to Dismiss Client’s Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon and His Resisting Arrest Charge.


Prostitution (2019)

Client case was dismissed after compassionate and dedicated negotiation with the State of Texas.

Not Guilty

Aggravated Sexual Assault of A Child (2019)

Second Chair – After deliberation a Jury found our client Not Guilty after he was accused of abusing his step daughter.


Possession of A Dangerous Drug (2019)

Client’s case was dismissed after possessing drugs classified as Dangerous through aggressive negotiation.


Deadly Conduct (2018)

Client was accused of attempting to run her ex-lover’s mistress off the road. After negotiation, the case was Dismissed.


Possession of a Controlled Substance (2018)

Client was accused of possessing Xanax after some drugs were found in his car after he was stopped and searched. After strong negotiation the State agreed to Dismiss the Case.

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Ms. Asante was my representation for some minor charges. It was my first time ever dealing with the justice system and I could not have asked for better representation or a more dedicated attorney! She always took time to update me on my case, explain the process and procedures that were happening so that I understood, and she worked hard towards obtaining a favorable outcome for me. Ms. Asante made me feel seen and visible; I felt like a client and not just another folder to push through as fast as possible. She is an extremely capable and effective professional. My case was dismissed and she immediately began the process to expunge it from my record. I highly recommend her as legal representation should the need arise. She gets the job done!

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