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About how much will my criminal legal case cost me?

The Best Possible Outcome. Every legal case has unique factors for it that may slightly or significantly change the cost of the case(s). Case cost is one of the most anxiety inducing aspect of attorney-client consultation. To ease with this process I have given a range of legal costs for most cases at the state level. These estimated prices of the cost of criminal legal representation in the Dallas Fort Worth area does not include trial fees and estimates are based on single pending cases.

How Much Will My Misdemeanor Case Cost?*

Simple Misdemeanor
$3500 – 4000
Complicated Misdemeanor
$4000 – 6500
DWI 1st and DWI 2nd
$5500 – 6500

How Much Will My Felony Case Cost?*

State Jail Felony
$6500 – 7500
3rd Degree Felony
$7500 – 8500
2nd Degree Felony
*starts at $10,000
1st Degree Felony
*starts at $15,000

* These prices are not final and are subject to change depending on the peculiarities of specific cases. Prices will never change without the signed authorization and agreement from the client.

These prices do NOT include death related offenses like Murder, Intoxication Manslaughter etc.

How much will it cost to clear my record?

$1500 – 2500
$1500 – 2500

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