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The Best Possible Outcome

I strive to reach the best possible outcome in all client’s cases, with emphasis on understanding, honesty, and dignified representation for all clients. Every client matters, and every detail in a client’s case matters. Whether you want a good negotiation or to go all the way with a Trial, Asante Legal PLLC is here for your needs.

Here’s a bonus – as a loyal criminal defense attorney, I have never worked for the other side.

Adwoa Asante,
Principal Attorney

I believe strongly that each one of us is worth more than any accusations we will ever face. I strive to live up to those principles in my professional and my personal life. I listen to my clients closely and try and utilize the strategy I have gained through my experience to guide them in navigating the criminal system. Understanding the legal system and trying to get the best possible outcome is a daunting task, and my goal is to explain every aspect of this process while fighting relentlessly for the desired outcome.

I sit down with every client and explain their charge, the range of punishment, the options, and any plea offers communicated by the Government. For clients that are interested in litigating cases in front of Juries or Judges, my experience as a Trial Attorney comes in handy and we prepare the case together to mount up a hurricane of a defense against the criminal allegations.

I was born in Accra, Ghana and moved to America in my early teens. I went to Hebron High School in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. After high school, I became a Buckeye at The Ohio State University, and after that I attended Emory Law School. After law school, I came back to my adolescence home in Carrollton. I have always believed in defending the underdog, and earlier in my legal career, I was a Dallas County Public Defender. After realizing that I wanted more time to spend with my clients and their cases, I branched off and started my own firm. While I did a little bit of Family Law and Immigration Law a few months in the beginning of my legal career, the overwhelming majority of my Legal Career has been spent in 100% criminal law matters. 

Education & Background


Our Record

Case Results

Not Guilty

DWI 2nd (2016)

Jury found client Not Guilty after deliberation. Client made a wrong turn in a state of distress on his way to visit his mother in the hospital. Client admitted to consuming two glasses of wine and was arrested for his second DWI.

Not Guilty

Terroristic Threat Public Servant (2018)

Jury found 17 year old client Not Guilty after deliberation. He was accused of threatening a public servant at his high school. During cross examination, we were able to show that he was a good kid who often made inappropriate jokes at school. A jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.

Our Track Record

Your case matters to me

Ms. Asante and her team are heaven sent! She is quite the professional, down to earth, and can tackle any situation you bring her. She is *very affordable* (and this is coming from an absolute broke college student during a pandemic) and works swiftly to take care of any and all legal needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s felonies, misdemeanors, DUI/DWI’s, expungements, anything you throw at her she can take care of. She keeps you up-to-date on every step of the legal process you may have go through within your unique situation. I would not only recommend her to any and everyone within Texas alone, but I would also keep her as my go to attorney for any legal issues you may run into PERIOD! She is the best by far in the DFW metroplex!

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