I’ve been charged with a Misdemeanor. How long can I go to jail for?

It depends. Misdemeanors are offenses with a punishment range of less than 1 year in the County Jail. There are different levels of Misdemeanors, with differing ranges of punishment.

Class A

– maximum punishment of up to 1 year in county jail—and a fine of $4000.

Class B

– maximum punishment of up to 180 days in county jail—and a fine of $2000.

Class C

– fine only, up to $500.

Will I have to go to jail if I’m charged with a Misdemeanor?

There are many options in resolving a Misdemeanor offense in Texas. The outcome of the case depends on many factors including the facts of the case, the county of the offense, the attitude of the prosecutor handling the case, an accused person’s criminal history, and the advocacy tactics of their attorney. 

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